Ipsy April 2014 Spoilers!

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service created by Youtube beauty guru Michelle Phan. (You can check out her channel here.) For $10 a month, “Ipsters” receive a Glam Bag with four to five deluxe and full sized products curated by Michelle and her team. Every month, Ipsy releases spoilers that are clues about the products and theme of that month’s bag. All of that to say, April Spoilers are out!

First Spoiler


(click to expand)

It’s looking good, peeps! Opening the gate with an Urban Decay product? Okay, Ipsy, you sly dog, you! You sure know how to show a girl a good time! I believe we are looking at the UD’s newest version of the 24/7 pencil, the Velvet Glide-On. The Velvet Glide-On is a matte pencil, only available in black. I’m thinking the GlamBag will probably include a smaller, deluxe sized version of the pencil. I’m thinking it looks like a Rockstar theme?

Second Spoiler


(click to expand)

So, it’s definitely a Rock and Roll theme, right? I’m dreaming of an artist collaboration on a Rock bag. That could be really cool! Every bag will include one of the three following lip products:

Don’t you think it’s weird that they are including a Mary Kay product? I’ve never heard of their brand in a subscription box. I’m definitely hoping for another Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm! I’m loving the magenta color on the far right! I’ve been looking for a bright pink, long-lasting product, so I can do another look like the one below! 1620830_751998181491698_441728227_n

Third Spoiler


(click to expand)

If I’ve interpreted this clue correctly, every bag will include one of the following:

I’m hoping for the Rainbow Honey polish! I’ve read so many good things about this brand from other bloggers. I’m surprised at myself for wanting to try a bright blue, sparkly polish. I totally want it though!

Fourth Spoiler

Really, the April GlamBag just keeps getting better and better.


I believe we are looking at deluxe sizes of the following:

Fifth Spoiler


This clue is tricksy! As far as I can tell though, these are the products we are looking at, from L to R, top to bottom:

6th Spoiler


This month’s last Ipsy spoiler revealed the design of the GlamBag. April’s GlamBag is purple with a white record player and the phrase “Beauty Rocks!” I may end up passing this bag along to a friend. I think I was spoiled by the beautiful design of last month’s bag.

That’s all, folks! The April GlamBag has been officially spoiled!

Are you excited about this month’s GlamBag? I sure am! Whoop Whoop! What products are you hoping for? Let me know in the comments below!


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