Surprise Perfume Haul!

I need to tell you about my wonderful boyfriend, R. He knows what I love, so when he surprises me, it’s usually sweets, flowers, or beauty products (or a wonderful combination of the three). Surprise! He brought me perfume and flowers!



Yay! He’s awesome. Awesome and smart. He got the perfumes for a good deal! Now I am impressed with him for his thoughtfulness and his brains!

I want to bestow my boy-toy’s wise shopping wisdom with you, so you can surprise yourself with special perfume treats. Get ready.

Knowing where to buy what is one of the most important tools in a shopper’s arsenal. If hundreds of hours of aimless shopping have taught me anything, it’s where to go to find exactly what I need. Most  stores have their own unique, special strengths.  Knowing these strengths and the best places to get what you are looking for will save you countless shopping hours and tired feet.

Let me tell you about Marshalls. (Do you have a Marshalls in your area? Apparently they are nation-wide, and have even expanded to Canada!) You should know I don’t really like the place. In the dressing room, I feel like I’m always finding a fraying seam or mysterious stain, their selection of shoes for my size 11 feet is almost non-existent, and they sell cheap cosmetics. One of Marshall’s special strengths, though, is that they always have a wonderful selection of discounted perfumes and colognes. Their perfume selection is one of their special strengths, something they do really well. R. goes there to pick up cologne!

Marshall’s sells brand name fragrances, for a deep discount. Fragrance stock varies from week to week and is always a surprise for customers. You never know what they will or will not have. Also, many of the perfumes are encased in security boxes, so you cannot try them ahead of time. For this reason, I don’t purchase perfumes there I’m not familiar with. If you are a fragrance freak, though, and already know what you love, Marshalls might be just place for you to get the most out of your perfume buck!

This is what my smarty pants got.

Knowing I love all the Juicy Couture fragrances, first he picked up a Juicy Couture La La 3.4 oz. Set, which originally retailed for $96. The set includes a 3.4 fl. oz. Eau de Parfum Spray, a 4.2 fl. oz. body lotion, and a Juicy makeup bag. My smarty picked this baby up for $40! What?!? More than half off retail!


On a whim, R. grabbed a 1.7 oz. Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy Eau De Parfum Spray. I’ve never owned a celebrity perfume before, but all Britney aside, I am really enjoying this perfume! It’s flirty, sweet, and incredibly long wearing. R. says it makes me smell like orange creamsicle, and that he means that in the best way possible. He purchased the bottle, which retails at Kmart for $27.49,  for $20. Another win! Good job, boyfriend!

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Are you a Marshall’s customer? What do you buy when you are there? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a good day!


2 thoughts on “Surprise Perfume Haul!

  1. We don’t have a Marshall’s in my town, but we have TJ Maxx and they have all these products. I love the Juicy & Brittney Spears perfumes, so I’ve been eyeing them. I hope I can grab some up before they sell out, but it’s not looking too promising. My last two buys from there have been the Betsey Johnson Too Too Perfume (1 ounce for $10) and a pair of Betsey Johnson Aviators (also $10).

    1. Last time I went shopping at Marshalls, I picked up and put down a pair of aviators like 100 times. I regret not getting them. Betsy is so cool. 🙂 I love that TJ Maxx and Marshalls carry her stuff. (I love when I can find cute Betsy Johnson pjs! <3)

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